Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I post a lot of my latest personal work over on cargocollective, but you'll find some of my older works (i.e. "corporate projects") which have been documented more formally, here.

Ongoing experimental work, I'm posting on my facebook page for Cubical90, which is my lab at Artisan's Asylum -- one of the largest makerspaces in the world (according to engadget)

Some selected projects as I document them, or dig them out of backups ... but not nearly a complete, comprehensive list of all projects I have ever worked on:

▪ I am actively seeking new full-time opportunities within an organization that creates innovative products, services, and research at the intersection of physical and digital. For more information on my skills, background, and experiences; please refer to my resume.

Solar Lantern Art Installation (for ILLUMINUS fundraiser event) - I worked with Methods & Materials - a Boston-based design studio to help assemble an outdoor solar lantern art installation at Old City Hall.

Voxel8, Inc. -- Multi-disciplinary role as Community Manager, Technical Documentation Specialist, and Technical Support Engineer at Voxel8 -- a startup creating one of the first desktop 3D Printer platforms for volumetric and embedded electronics.

3-D Printed Data Network Visualization -- network data visualized in 3-D printed physical form.
3-D printed USB enclosure -- a prototype electronics case for Pavlok.
3-D Printed Zoetrope -- a diffuser for an LED kinetic sculpture.
3-D Printed flexible watch enclosure -- a wearable computing prototype for Pavlok.
"The Sound Between The Waves" -- a touch reactive and illuminated sound sculpture made for Curious Sound Objects art auditory exploration show.
Prototype work for TAAB -- a flexible camera focus attachment.
▪ Working as a full-time Programmer and Designer on projects at Small Design Firm.
MEGABOTS MEGAFLASK -- a custom wood veneered flask engraved with the MEGABOTS logo.

▪ Working as a full-time Programmer and Designer on projects at Small Design Firm.
3-D Printed Saltwater Fishing Lure
▪ 3-D laser scan of a Volvo 240 (Soon)
▪ 3-D printed prototype medical bottles (Soon)
Prototype Electronics Sensor Enclosure
▪ Prototype Bike Fitting Molds (Soon)
3-D Printed Optical Device Mount

▪ 3-D Printed Voronoi Bracelet (Soon)
▪ 3-D Printed Motor Mounts (Soon)
Architecture Mold Pieces for Warhammer Gaming
3-D laser scan portion of the MINI MAGLITE FLASHLIGHT DIFFUSER CAP by Lee Williamson.
▪ Tufts University (Soon)
Design Museum Boston -- Consulting (Physical Installation & Computer Vision)
▪ 3-D Laser Scanning Projects (Soon)
The "Press & Sketch" Machine
Byte Light Physical Environment Testing
Shadow Play with 3-D Printed Sculpture
▪ SaikoLED MyKi Testing (Soon)
▪ Simon the Wallbot (Soon)
Print Yer'Head Project
Reactive Koi Pond
Raspberry Media Center Enclosure
Dragon Egg Stand
EL Pinwheel
EL Umbrella (version 1)
The Castle DigBox -- an analog and digital newspaper delivery box turned into art
Metal Turtle Sculpture -- in progress
Flask -- I redid an old flask with wood trim.

ISOBAR NOWLAB misc projects, R&D, internal proposals, and external proposals for various clients ranging from startups, to larger, Fortune 500 corporations.
"Virtual Reveal" -- a playful digital art installation for R&D purposes with depth sensing cameras. Users captured silhouettes are manipulated with masks and intermixed with other media sources (i.e. graphics/video) and wall projected for reactive user engagement. (INQUIRE FOR ACCESS)
ARITS -- Augmented Remote InterOffice Telepresence System (INQUIRE FOR ACCESS)

Isobar NOWLAB Touch Table (for Reebok) -- an interactive multi-touch table, created from scratch for Reebok, similar to Microsoft PixelSense 1.0, or more recently: PlaySurface.


AARP Chumby widget -- worked with AARP to help design and develop a streaming audio widget for embedded internet appliances (i.e. "Chumby") and mobile tablet deployment.

HYPE + litl webbook -- an example of a generative framework with sound on the litl webbook

OpenPeak -- I worked with OpenPeak on their internet appliance device running Flash.

AIR Wolf -- several month investigation personal project into quadcopters, and reverse engineering the AR Drone to work with desktop and mobile phone controllers.

Corona SDK -- provided feedback on the Corona SDK by Ansca Mobile, as well as developing a presentation for conferences.


Flash Training on Embedded Device Hardware (for Lexmark) -- I spent a few weeks training two dozen Lexmark engineers on Flash, and how to design, develop, test, and optimize embedded device content for a new touch based graphical user interface and printer application platform they were building.

e-learning portable game device for kids -- I worked with 360Kid to try to pitch a proposal for developing software games for a new portable video platform and game device by a major toy retailer.

vTuner -- consulted with vTuner about an internet based radio streaming widget for an undisclosed device and platform.

litl BakeSpace Channel -- for this project, I worked as Flash Developer for litl helping them to create the "BakeSpace channel"; a kitchen recipe management application for their innovative cloud based computing platform.

Advanced Flash on Devices -- was the first mobile and device development book covering Flash 10 and ActionScript 3 on the market. I helped plan, write, and revise hundreds of pages in it for Friends of Ed publishing.

2008 -- I created this free job posting site for mobile developers where they could find opportunities in the device industry.

Species Explorer Mobile App -- I worked with Max Media to help them bring their first mobile application to market.

Burger King mCommerce Checkout app -- I wrote a proposal to try to bring cutting edge commerce transactions to fast food using a mobile checkout app. This was pre-iPhone app craze.

Urban Interactive: Conduit -- a mixed reality mobile phone game pre-iPhone that was to run on Symbian, Windows, and other Smart and Feature phones supporting the Flash runtime.

Flash Applications for Mobile Devices book -- I was the coauthor of this technical book, published by Friends of Ed (i.e. now "Apress"), and was read by hundreds of developers around the world.


Macromedia Flash Lite Content Launcher -- I worked closely with the Macromedia (i.e. now Adobe Systems) mobile and sales teams to help them design and develop an internal sales mobile application.

"Body Image" aka Trouble on the Tightrope: In Search of Skateboard Sam™ -- a 2005 Flash Game project I worked on for inflexxion.

Charles Schwab Retirement Calculators -- Worked with Results Imperative to deliver an update design to a Pre/Post Retirement Rich Internet Application.

FITC Mobile Conference Guide app -- a cutting edge mobile app for FITC that allowed conference attendees to query conference schedule, presentation detail, speaker info, and even get a map of the local city.

Portfolio Advisory Services CD-ROM -- a multimedia CD-ROM I helped to create for Fidelity Investments for their PAS group over the course of a few months.

The Adventures of Sammy SweetTooth -- a student created animation film on CD-ROM that a Citizen's school team created as part of my Introduction to Computer Animation class. This was a volunteer opportunity to an after school program to help kids at the learn about computers and digital arts.

ChoicePoint Campaign HQ application launcher -- a custom Visual Basic application with embedded Flash UI created for ChoicePoint I created at Blue Edge Data Solutions.

CourseEdge -- a Rich Internet Application and backend course management and scheduler created for various academic institutions.

dmEdge -- a Rich Internet Application and backend system for marketing print media campaigns based on demographic filters (i.e. age, gender, location, income, etc).

SERONO: Management of the Luteal Phase CD-ROM created at Cramer Productions for a health conference.

Enterasys Networks CD-ROM -- while at Cramer Productions, I created this synchronized media e-learning CD-ROM for computer networking professionals.

▪ Business Objects 2002 conference -- follow up to the 2001 event, where I deployed a now productized kiosk system for the Business Objects team.

Wellington Management Webcast -- a yearly corporate event that I helped create a live video streaming portal for hundreds of attendees online for.

HP SalesTalk Webcast Series -- a continuation of the Compaq SalesTalk webcasts, the year previous, only with the recently merged Compaq into HP.


Compaq SalesTalk webcasts -- I created the webcasting system for several months worth of webcasts for the Compaq Sales Force team.

Lil'Iguana -- an online site for children's safety awareness. Think "Barney" for safety issues, only a guy in a green Iguana suit for the organization's mascot. Featured videos, games, and a storefront for merchandise.

Business Objects: 360 Degree Business Intelligence conference -- helped design, develop, and deploy a digital kiosk system for thousands of attendees at their yearly corporate conference.

Liberty Mutual Insurance website -- worked with a designer to create a visual pleasing experience for their corporate website.

Microsoft QuickStart Webcast Series -- during a 3-4 week period I design, developed, and deployed a webcast registration system, and live streaming video platform for Microsoft.

Bayer Diagnostics - ADVIA WorkCell Webcast Series -- was a custom registration system, and webcast platform for delivering several corporate live web streams for Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

CVS LEARNnet -- technical consulting with CVS Pharmacy about a new internal training portal they were constructing.

Pegasystem Webcast Series -- I helped roll out the custom Webcasting system I created for Pegasystems and also helped designers in their efforts for a redesign.

Stryker Biotech Webcast Series -- a custom webcasting solution that allowed Stryker to live broadcast some of their corporate events to hundreds of viewers, worldwide.

Rational Software Conference -- helped design, develop, and deploy a custom digital kiosk system for the yearly Rational Software corporate conference of thousands of employees.

Keith Construction website -- a very simple statically generated redesign website for a real estate company.

Thompson Financial webcast -- I was responsible for all technical aspects of registration, graphic design integration, and the tech support during the live streaming corporate events from Thompson Financial.

Cramer Seminar Series event -- was an internal open house style event where I deployed custom surveys to attendees to gather insight into Cramer's strengths and weaknesses.

Pressure Sensor Mat -- a prototype sensor for Kiosk deployment at tradeshows using visual basic and a simple pressure mat.

NEIA/Art Institute of Boston -- I taught a 1-2 month class around Flash & ActionScript programming to a classroom of 20 students at the Art Institute of Boston.

ASP 101 Training -- custom internal training I created from scratch that had new developers up to speed with Microsoft web technologies within weeks.

Merrill Lynch -- Merrill Lynch: Annuities To Go! Training System.

C.I.I.R -- R&D for University of Massachusetts, Amherst: Computer Science Department.

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